Something Wicked

I recently participated in the Cherrywood fabric Wicked Challenge. For this challenge we were given several fat quarters of the fabric that had to be used in our design and we could add any other fabrics as long as they were from Cherrywood.

The Inspiration
The Clock of the Time Dragon and the City of Emeralds. Unless one reads the book "Wicked" you truly don’t understand the meaning of the Dragon and the clock in the Musical. 
"the Cock of the Time Dragon is mounted on a wagon and stands as high as a giraffe . It is nothing more than a tottering, freestanding theatre.... On the flat roof is a clockwork dragon, an invention of green painted leather, silvery claws, and ruby jeweled eyes. Its skin is made of hundreds of overlapping discs of copper, bronze, and iron."
The clock does not tell time; rather it tells people the secrets from their past and present and predicts their future, but sometimes the clock exaggerates or outright lies.
The City of Emeralds is filled with splendid gardens, beautiful streets set with glistening emeralds and vast Royal Palaces of polished green marble and luxurious apartments. But also streets filled with crime such as prostitution, drug-dealers and drug addicts, street rats and even sections of Assassins who are involved in top secret conspiracies.
What could be more WICKED!

The concept

Starting to put it together. I used fusible and raw edge applique.

the dragon

putting it together

My quilt did make it to the top 25 finalists, so my quilt will be displayed at the Gershwin Theater as well as many other venues around the country. I hope you have a change to see the exhibit.