New York Beauties & Flying Geese Blog Tour - Final Day

First, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to participate in the Blog Tour. We have had some great reviews and seen some incredible projects. I am looking forward to seeing many more from around the world!

It has been a long road, almost 2 years since I submitted the original proposal to C&T Publishing! I have learned many things in this journey of mine, the importance of color and fabric placement to writing clear and concise instructions.

Below you will see some of my original design concepts that I showed to Tula Pink. She knew at that point that I needed to complete this book. And it is at this point I would lie to thank Tula for all her encouragement and assistance during the project.

Below are some of the Block designs that I had, As you can see, they were pretty plain.

Then I added these to some quilt layouts to see how they would work.

The first and most crucial part was to select the fabrics for each quilt. I enjoyed spending time with Tula going through my stash and watching her place them in order, and she explained to me why as she did. This was an invaluable lesson that I carry forward today.

Choosing the backing fabric was just as important as the quilt top.

And sometimes you just need to try things out. We thought that a blue chambray would be perfect for Crazy Tula; and after a test block we decided that it was a little too dark and the colors did not pop. So - don't be afraid to try out different fabrics.
Original with the blue chambray

Final choice
Finally. I would like to thank everyone that did my quilting to finish he quilts, Kelly, Teresa, Angela, Karen and Frank!

There is a Facebook Group for New York Beauties & Flying Geese where you can share your projects. You can find many projects on Instagram also using the hashtag #newyorkbeautiesandflyinggeese

Thanks to all the quilt shops, quilters and bloggers for making this book such a great success.

Below is the list of bloggers that have participated in the tour. Be sure to check back with them as many are offering giveaways, including copies of my book. Today (May 12, 2017) is your last chance to enter.

Pink Door Fabrics: Instagram @pinkdoorfabrics


mumbird3 said…
Awesome book - I had preordered it as soon as I saw it and I am so happy I did! Great quilts and the pillows are sensational!!!
Cecilia said…
Your projects are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your book with us. I enjoyed seeing the different versions of your quilts and pillows. Congratulations on finishing your book.
JANET said…
Gorgeous quilts! Can't stop drooling, lol.
Anonymous said…
I love the designs! I plan to try one of the quilt patterns. I need to improve my curve sewing!
Pamela said…
This book looks awesome. Thanks for creating all this beauty!
Jean McKinstry said…
Carl, I received an email from Sandy, and I was a winner. Your book will be printed, and spiral bound, at a printing firm, as I am an international entry, from way down south in New Zealand. Thank you so much for your generosity, and I know I will be so happy to look, read, and have it on display, glorious colours, fabulous designs, I am so happy. Greetings from Jean.