What has happened in the last year?

It's been over a year since my last blog post. At that time I had my first pattern being published in Love of Quilting magazine. It was an exciting time as my quilt was also on the cover. (Head on over to my website to see that cover image.)

Since then, I have had several other patterns published in many major magazines including Quilty, Modern Quilts Unlimited and Generation Q. I have all the images of the quilts and what issues they appeared in on my website.

I have also recently completed my second book which will be published by the Kansas City Star.  Expect to see the book available for purchase in Spring 2015. I will start posting and blogging about that book once it gets published. I have now started work on my 3rd book which will also be published by the Kansas City Star. This book won't be published until Fall 2016. At the request of many followers, this 3rd book will be all paper (foundation) pieced patterns.

I have also done a few lectures and workshops for various guilds in the Kansas and Missouri areas.  I have an event calendar on my website where you can see all my upcoming events and to request an event for your guild or shop. There is also a brochure for my current lectures and workshops with rates.

Thank you to everyone that has followed me.  If you haven;t yet, please go as sign up for my monthly newsletter.