Tools of the trade

Every quilter knows the importance of a good sewing machine and iron.  But there are some often over looked tools.

I was recently the happy recipient of some fine tools made by Westenskow & Sons. A seam ripper, stiletto and a seam presser.  These tools have hand-carved handles and are light weight.  They are even flat on one side to prevent them from rolling off the sewing table (I don't know how many times I have had to search for mine on the floor in the past)


I thought I was satisfied with my bamboo skewer, but have discovered using this stiletto so much more efficient. The seam ripper's shank is longer that the typical ones that I have used, and the one flat side makes it so much easier to hold.

I think these tools would make a great addition to any ones sewing box, or a great gift idea for you favorite quilting buddy (hint, the holidays are fast approaching!)
You can find out more information on these tools from Anne Henrie.  There is also a demo of the seam presser tool.