Hoffman Challenge 2012 Quilt Completed

I finished my Hoffman Challenge quilt back in May, but have waited until today to post pictures.  This was a challenge for me.  The fabric for this years challenge was definitely not in my pallet, nor was it a fabric that I would typically buy for myself. 

This presented many problems for me.  The fabric was sitting in my stash for several months while I consider what to make.  I played with various blocks and settings, but was never happy with any of them. The first picture below is the challenge fabric. 

Then, one day, all I could think about were the may places I had visited with street art, painted bulls and horses. (the second photo shows my inspiration for the project.) After that initial thought, that was all I could imagine, a painted horse.  With that in mind, I created my quilt for the Hoffman Challenge. (final picture)

I used fusible to adhere the fabric to a large piece of interfacing.  After the entire piece was fused, I carefully cut it out and then used a satin stitch to sew it in place. I stitched around every piece, which I think makes each fabric stand out. I used a molted black fabric for the background to make the image pop and give the appearance of velvet.  Finally, I framed the entire quilt with a wood-grain fabric. I am happy with my final project and now it is in the hands of the judges.

Hoffman Challenge Fabric for 2012

The Inspiration

My final Quilt

I would like to thank Jeanne Zyck for the wonderful quilting.


Jane O' said…
This is gorgeous. Congratulatons on your use of the fabric, it is perfect. Good luck on the judging!