Wedding Wishes - A Quilt for the Modern Couple

Well, I came to the realization that I needed to create a wedding quilt for a young couple.  This couple (that will remain nameless until the get the said quilt) have been renovating an older house. I knew I wanted to make a Wedding Ring Quilt, but I knew I did not want to make it using "traditional" fabrics.

I have been collecting Shot Cottons for quite a while (I used 47 fat quarters for the quilt), and I knew I wanted to use those fabrics for the "rings".  My challenge was, what to choose for the background fabric. Not wanting to use a solid, I went with a "dot" from the Reunion line by Moda.

I wanted a "scrappy" look, so I threw all the pieces in a bag.  It didn't matter what color I pulled, I just did not want the same fabric in the arc.

The "scrap" bag

The Arcs assembled

Making the melon

Next was assembling the "melon" pieces.  Again, I did not care what colors were in each, I just did not want the same fabrics in each melon unit.

I am still constructing these units (don't know if I will ever make one of these again).  Check back next week to see an update on my progress.


Alison V. said…
What beautiful colors! They certainly are a lucky couple. :)