It's time for a GIVEAWAY!

I am sitting here with a broken wrist, unable to do any sewing and barely being able to type.  So, I have decided to do my first giveaway. You can enter to win my entry to the McCall's Design Star Challenge 1, Over The Castle Wall.  This is a quilt top, so you will have to provide you own backing and quilting.  You can have up to 4 chances to win:
  1. Post a Comment on this Post and tell me what you think of this design.
  2. Follow my Blog  (
  3. Follow me on Twitter (3DogDesignCo)
  4. Like my Facebook page (3DogDesignCo)
I will select 1 finalist from each category and then a final winner. You will have until midnight, Central time zone, July 22, 2011 to enter and a winner will be posted on Saturday, July 23, 2011..


Sandy N said…
You know, I almost bawled when I found out you didn't win McCall's contest. I still think you are the most talented of all who were in the running!!! So there.

What in the world did you do to your wrist? Fall off your treadle?
Anonymous said…
Argh - so sorry about your wrist! Your design is amazing - I can picture it in all sorts of different color combos - white/blue for winter, red/green for Christmas, bright batiks/black for summer fireworks...the list goes on. I love this!!
Gene Black said…
I think the design is gorgeous and it is executed excellently. I am a coward about entering those things. I did enter shows when my main gist was painting. I think that broke me from it.
Gene Black said…
I am a follower.

Sorry about your wrist, I can't imagine how that must hurt -AND be inconvenient. Take care.
Anne said…
Carl, I think both of us should have continued to challenge 2. But I was extremely surprised that you didn't because you do amazing work. I feel very lucky that I was introduced to your work through this contest and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Good luck and sorry about your wrist :(