A Walk in New York

Well, I finally got the binding on my quilt.  The Original Pattern by Julie Popa is pictured below. (this is not the quilt I made. Continue to read.)

I did a little twist on the pattern.  I happened to be in NYC and bought some Pillip Jacobs Fabric from the May 09 collect called Coleus.  I was fortunate to find some hand-dyed fabrics at the store that went perfectly with the fabric.  I really did not know what I was going to make with the fabric until I was browsing through some patterns that I had.  I though that the Sunset pattern pictured above was the perfect way to show off these fabrics.  I used the all-over print fabric instead of the plain cream back ground fabric and borders. I call my quilt "A Walk in New York' as it reminds me of the plants I saw around the city, the streets, sidewalks and buildings.

Below is the picture of my finished quilt. Hope you like it.

Machine Quilting by Janiece Cline.


Michele said…
I love that you picked a print, and a pretty bold one at that, for your background.

Personally, I'm soooooooo sick of seeing white/off-white backgrounds.

Great choice!
3DogDesignCo said…
Thanks Michele, It was fun to make!