Hand Applique...Oh My!

Well, I have decided to give had applique a try. Not quite sure how far I'll progress, but I have to at least say that I have tried.  So for my first attempt, I decided to use up some of that scrap material that has been collecting at the bottom of the closet.  This way, I haven't spent any money on learning, since this will be done with the "Free" scraps from my piecing.
I've spent a lot of time reading some books, so I decided that I will experiment with the various methods and hopefully I will find one that suits me. 
For this block I used the freezer paper template on top of the piece and finger pressed the raw edges under. By the time I got to the birds wing, I realized I should have glued the edges. 
I used template plastic and liquid  for the circles. This method seems to work, but I don;t think it would be worth cutting plastic templates for all the pieces unless they were used multiple times.
I think for the next block I will stick to the freezer paper on top method, but will actually secure the edges down.  Hopefully this will work.  I really don't want to have to attempt the method with the freezer paper on the bottom and then have to remove it all later.!
My first attempt wasn't that great.  The edges of the pieces are jagged and not smooth (until I got to the wing). Too bad it took me so long to figure it out.  I'm pretty happy with the circles. I just need to make sure that the templates are very smooth on the edges.
So, with some trepidation, I have include pictures of my first block.  Hopefully as I progress I will get a little better!