Design Break 2 - One Block Wonder

So I have about 75% of the blocks pieced.  That's when I like to start getting them up on the design wall.  This is also the time when I start sorting the blocks into colors and identifying transition blocks.

Determining the color of the block can be the most difficult part of the process, it was on my first one block quilt.  So, how do I determine the color of a block? I look at the outer 1" - 1 1/2" of the block edge.  I ignore pattern and any additional colors in the center of the block.  Once I have the blocks grouped together, that's when I start playing with pattern and texture within the color "families."  Lets look at some sample blocks.

I consider this first block to be red.  Knowing that the first 1/4" will be in the seam allowance, then next colors are red and black.  I ignore the orange in the center for this step.

I consider this block green.  The outer "border" of this block is contains green and black, the center is blue, again, ignore color and design in the center of the block for now.

This block, even though it can't be seen very well in this photo, is purple.

Well, hope that gives you some insight on how I group the blocks by color.  It took me forever to figure that out on my first One Block Wonder Quilt, that I call "Tropical Explosion."  I wish I still had a piece of the original fabric.  It had huge leaves and hibiscus flowers.

I finally worked out my process on "Oriental Garden."

Here is the original fabric for Oriental Garden pictured above.


Anonymous said…
Very helpful information, your work is beautiful. I am too much of an "in the box" person and appreciated your talent!